A rest stop at Maasheggen. we were up for that challenge

Lieke and Isabel of the Feather House

Lieke van Erp (23) and Isabel Widdershoven (24), business managers at The Veerhuis in Oeffelt

The Veerhuis is located in the Oeffelter Meent. After a long renovation and many curious looks from passing cyclists and hikers, the Veerhuis reopened its doors in the summer of 2018. With two new owners and in a new look, this Grand Café on the Meent offers a base for anyone who wants to enjoy the area. We spoke to business owners Lieke van Erp and Isabel Widdershoven over a cup of coffee.

What does the Maasheggen area mean to you?

The new owners of Het Veerhuis, Arjen and Maarten are from Nijmegen and have three successful catering businesses there. When they got the chance to breathe new life into the Oeffelt hospitality building, they grabbed it with both hands. "It's a nice challenge for us as a team," Isabel says. "The cafes on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen have a very different character and focus on different target groups. A café in the countryside is very different. We really want to become a place of rest here, which is new for us. Exciting, but very nice!"

Over the next year, the upstairs will continue to be remodeled. "This is where vacation apartments will be located. We hope these will be ready for rental in the summer of 2020." The barn located behind the property will also be refurbished. "How we are going to use the barn, we don't know exactly yet. We also let that depend a bit on the needs from the area".

What do you think is the most beautiful spot at Maasheggen?

Because of all the busyness, they have not yet gotten around to hiking in the area themselves. "But it's definitely on our action list!". Also coming soon is forester Wessel Pruissen to tell us more about the UNESCO Man & Biosphere status and what this means for the area. We want to learn more about how we as a company can take into account the environment and the landscape," says Lieke.

What could be better?

"Right now there is no clear starting point and we get a lot of questions from guests about where the best place to walk to and what the great trails are. We have already received some information from different recreation agencies but I think this could be better. There is also information missing in the area about equestrian trails. I think there is still a battle to be struck in providing information towards hikers and cyclists!"

For more information about the Ferry House visit www.hetveerhuisoeffelt.nl

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