The charm of the Bergjes in Vierlingsbeek is that you can still get lost there

Lars van Peij

Proud Maasheggen with Lars van Peij, project manager Maasheggen at Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap


What do the Maasheggen mean to you?

"For my work at Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap (VNC) I am in the area a lot and work on different projects. For example, I try to find funding for the management and restoration of the Maasheggen." In addition, Lars is field coordinator for the Collective, where he works with about 40 participants on agricultural nature management. "By making good agreements with the farmer or participant about the maintenance of the hedges and grasslands, the area becomes more and more beautiful. The Maasheggengebied has three so-called nature core areas. By planting and restoring hedgerows, we create a strong connection between these core areas."

What is your favorite place in the Maasheggen?

"The charm of the Bergjes in Vierlingsbeek is that you can still get lost there. And the monastery of St. Agatha is also quite special. That has been inhabited continuously by Kruisheren since 1371."

"There are many beautiful spots in the Maasheggen, and they are also different every season! Now the blackthorn stands out white against the green background, in May the hawthorn may take over. In winter, some plots are under water, or the hedges contrast darkly against a white blanket of snow.

I am lucky enough to be allowed to take a drone into the air every now and then. Slowly you can then see the hedge patterns getting smaller and smaller - beautiful!"

What could be better?

"Access to the area leaves something to be desired in some places and the signage could also be better. The fact that you can still get lost in the area also has its charm, of course. I also miss a Maasheggen bicycle tour with information for along the way. But with all the attention the area is getting at the moment, I expect it will come soon.

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