'Fruit syrup and jelly from Maasheggen as delicacies'

Flavorist John Hendriks

Fruitpark Groenz is a naturally and creatively landscaped fruit park in Sambeek. Groenz also includes a garden café, where regional products from De Maasheggen are served and sold, such as the apple and pear syrup and cultivated pear jelly invented and developed by owner John Hendriks himself.

"The fruit farm produces beautiful products. The fruit that grows here is carefully processed into various delicacies," Hendriks said. "However, Fruit Park Groenz is not only a place for culinary pleasures, it also offers educational and recreational opportunities. Visitors can unwind here, hike, or just relax with a drink on our terrace."

Fruitpark Groenz has gradually developed into the unique place it is today. Owner John Hendriks has always been enthusiastic about putting together and selling regional products, for example, he sold the Land van Cuijk Streekpakketten for a long time.
Today, he focuses mainly on producing the apple and pear syrup and the cultured pear jelly. "These delicacies are perfect as an addition to yogurt, on toast, or as part of a drinks board," John said. The Maasheggen area, surrounded by the characteristic hedges, provides a beautiful setting for people to hike and bike. "We are here between nature and an industrial area, an unusual location that attracts a diverse group of visitors," John continued. "We welcome regular lunch guests from companies such as Marel, MSD and GlobeMilk, who come here to relax. But we also attract tourists who discover us as a hidden gem. At Groenz, we believe in a balance between nature and economy, promoting and nurturing our environment without compromising the beautiful natural surroundings."

This philosophy extends to their artisanal approach to production. "We advocate maintaining the authenticity of our products," John emphasizes. "Everything must remain pure, without soulless mass production. We pay great attention to creating ideal conditions for our crops, because we know that this produces the best and most tasty products."
Groenz additionally embraces the idea of anti-waste. "We sell our fruit in moderation and use it in pastries, ice cream, jams, and squeeze small bottles of juice. Most of the harvest stays here on site; sometimes it ends up in packages. What we offer varies with the seasons, depending on what nature offers us."

Fruitpark Groenz not only offers culinary delights, but is a year-round destination for all ages. "Visitors can stop by here for a relaxing afternoon on the terrace, enjoy a barbecue in nature, high tea, brunch or participate in a fun scavenger hunt in cooperation with the water board," John says with enthusiasm. "We can host both indoor and outdoor events and attract a diverse audience. What unites us all is our love of authenticity and purity."

To learn more, visit www.groenz.nl

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