Of course, it is also possible to spend the night in the Maasheggen. You can do so, for example, on your own in a picturesque bed & breakfast, with the whole family at the campsite, with a large group in an accommodation or in a hotel.


For example, you can stay overnight with one of the Maasheggen ambassadors:

  • camping & guesthouse Brembroeken in Vortum-Mullem
    At the end of a dead-end road in the middle of the meadows lies the farm Brembroeken with camper places, a hikers' hut, a vacation home and a campsite.
  • camping De Maasvallei in Oeffelt
    A beautiful, natural campsite located in the middle of the Maasheggengebied, less than thirty meters from the Meuse River.
  • Schutkooi in Vortum-Mullem
    In the middle of The Maasheggen, next to an organic farm and hidden in the woods, are two 2 person nature cottages.
  • Roselle Apartment in Gennep
    You stay with the ceramist in her fairytale home and beautiful shifting dune garden. The beautiful apartment is in Gennep, just across the river Maas.
    Roselle Apartment
  • Ottenskamp4 in Siebengewald
    This beautiful converted farmhouse from 1912 is a great base for day trips through the Maasduinen and Maasheggen.

Other lodging accommodations in The Maasheggen:

  • Bed and breakfast Herberg Thijssen in Vierlingsbeek
  • Group accommodation De Vilt in Beugen
  • Hotel Riche in Boxmeer
  • Group accommodation De Ezelgasterij in Groeningen
  • Minicamping 't Brenneke in Sambeek
  • B&B De Kemp in Vortum-Mullem
  • Outdoor mess BijOns4 in Holthees
  • water sports campsite 't Loo in Linden
  • B&B Meeting Point in Holthees
  • group accommodation Bij Ceulemans in Linden
  • B&B Grauwe Hof in Oeffelt;
  • Guesthouse De Heide in Oeffelt;
  • Villa Het Bascour in Vierlingsbeek;
  • naturist campsite Achter ut Huus in Beers;
  • RV site De Kleine Geest in. Linden;
  • Camping De Brunk in Groeningen;
  • vacation park Europarcs in Linden;
  • Geijsteren Estate in Maashees;
  • hotel Taurus in Cuijk
  • hotel Van der Valk in Cuijk

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