Proud of the Maasheggen

People live, work and recreate in and around the Maasheggengebied. We all contribute to the beauty of the area in our own way. The area does not stand still and is developing rapidly. These people tell why they are proud of the Maasheggen.

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'Patron' Piet Hopman

'The Maasheggen has its own beauty every season'

The Brabant Maasheggen area has become "in Piet Hopman's heart. So much (...)
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Tastemakers Erik and Suuz Willems

'Pure products, with a touch of Maasheggen'

In the fertile Maasheggen, where man and nature have worked together for centuries, (...)
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Flavorist John Hendriks

'Fruit syrup and jelly from Maasheggen as delicacies'

Fruitpark Groenz is a naturally and creatively designed fruit park in Sambeek. (...)
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Tastemakers Janneke Bergholtz and Marloes Weerepas

'Herbs from the Maasheggen in more and more regional products'

In The Maasheggen, where nature shares its stories and the region its (...)
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Flavor maker Luuk Geurts

'Artisanal fruit processing adds flavor'

In the middle of Groeningen is Groenings Hofke. A dedicated team of three (...)
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Flavorist Maarten Pillen

'Special flavors come together in Maasheggens syrup'

In Oeffelt, where the Meuse winds its way through the landscape and the (...)
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Flavorist Cris Daniëls

'Bread as Maasheggenbrood is meant to be'

For Cris Daniels, the man behind Bakker Fijnebol, baking bread was (...)
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Flavoring Gradoen

'Special beer inspired by Maasheggen'

The love of brewing as well as Maasheggen is what drives Gradoen. (...)
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Flavorist Rob Somers

'You taste the abundant biodiversity back in the Maasheggen honey'

Rob Somers, owner of Imkerij De Moassense Berg, has a passion for bees (...)
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Flavorist Sander Graat

Maasheggen Gin: tribute to the region

In Boxmeer, the home of Sander Graat úw topSlijter, is a special (...)
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Erik Willems (The Brembroeken)

'In The Maasheggen you don't have to queue bike'

It fills campsite owner Erik Willems with pride every time he sees his (...)
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Jessica and Barry van Boekel

'Maasheggen deserves more prominent place in hiking country'

Three to four times a week they go out. Lovely walks through (...)
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Cuijk Brewing Brigade

'Our Maasheggen beer must retain special flavor'

Plants and herbs from the Maasheggen already formed the basis for an artisanal (...)
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René van Loon

'We must not take the soul out of this beautiful landscape'

Biologist René van Loon has been researching the (...)
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Petra Denen and Marieke Kersten

'Walking in Maasheggen makes problems lighter and more airy'

The colorful nature, sometimes the twittering of birds and then again the beneficial (...)
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Monique Verheijen and Nico ter Woord

'Working and living in Maasheggen does people good'

In a beautiful organic farm, in the middle of the Maasheggen area, is (...)
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Coen van Raaij (in memoriam)

'A privilege to live here'

Coen van Raaij from Boxmeer, who died in January 2021, was a true (...)
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Jaap Ceulemans

"The Maasheggen is a nice showpiece for the Land van Cuijk"

Jaap Ceulemans runs a sailing school, water sports company and group accommodation with (...)
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Sarah Schendeler

Saint Agatha monastery: it's a unique place that we love to share

Sarah Schendeler works as a Public Services and Communications Officer at (...)
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Jan Stax

I prefer to visit Maasheggen at sunrise or sunset, as that is when the light is at its most beautiful

Jan Stax is a hobby photographer from Boxmeer. On his Instagram @janstax posts (...)
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Guido Verdijck and Remi Tuijtelaars

The Maasheggen are the setting for the running race the Maasheggenloop which we organize every year

Proud Maasheggen with Guido Verdijck and Remi Tuijtelaars, organizers of (...)
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Lieke and Isabel of the Feather House

A rest stop at Maasheggen. we were up for that challenge

Lieke van Erp (23) and Isabel Widdershoven (24), business managers at The (...)
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Tonnie Ebben

For us, it's just a working area where we enjoy working and living. I know the area like the back of my hand. I know all the trees, manage many hedges myself.

Tonnie Ebben of Groeningen is a potato grower and owner of museum 'Van (...)
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Lars van Peij

The charm of the Bergjes in Vierlingsbeek is that you can still get lost there

Proud Maasheggen with Lars van Peij, project manager Maasheggen at (...)
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Roelof van den Bosch

Living directly on the Meuse River is just wonderful to me. We always have enough food in the house for at least 2 weeks

Roelof van den Bosch, Sambeek, is lock keeper at the Lock Complex in Sambeek (...)
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Antoine Achten

I'm walking here in my grandparents' backyard

Antoine Achten (50), owner of Bed & Breakfast - Meeting Room De Kemp in (...)
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Marius Grutters

These hedges are hundreds of years old, we should cherish them

Marius Grutters (64) lives in Vierlingsbeek and is among many nature and (...)
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Erik Jansen

The Maasheggen area brings together everything that makes this region so special

"The Maasheggen area brings together everything that makes this region so special (...)
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Resi Jilisen

Hawthorn from the Maasheggen area, good for blood & heart

Resi Jilisen (46) lives in Maashees What does Maasheggen mean to you? (...)
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Gerald Willemsen

I love the combination of farmland, hedgerows and nature

Gerald Willemsen (48), Langenboom What does the Maasheggengebied mean to you (...)
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Ruth Bakkenes

In the coming years I want to weave more hedges

Ruth Bakkenes, (67, Boxmeer) "In the coming years, I want to plant even more hedges (...)
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Eric Lamers

As an organic farmer, I feel like a fish out of water in this area

"As an organic farmer, I feel like a fish out of water in this area" (...)
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