Living directly on the Meuse River is just wonderful to me. We always have enough food in the house for at least 2 weeks

Roelof van den Bosch

Roelof van den Bosch, Sambeek, is lock keeper at the Locks Complex in Sambeek


What do the Maasheggen mean to you?

"I grew up in Boxmeer, just like the rest of my family. My youngest childhood memories go back to swimming in the Meuse River. I've known the area for a long time. But since 1993 we have really been living between the hedgerows." That Roelof and his wife live in a special place became immediately clear upon arrival. His house is in the row of houses right by the lock of Sambeek. "The house may not be that beautiful, but the place is fantastic. We bought the house by tender in 1993. We bought it blind, it was a gamble, but also took the risk of paying too much. We were very sure we wanted to live here. We had already looked in at the neighbors". In 1995, Roelof chose to end his career as an international truck driver. His wife was pregnant with their first child. He decided to get his nautical diplomas. These were necessary to become a lockkeeper. A little earlier he had already moved into the lock house with his wife, where they also had their first child. As lock master, Roelof is concerned with classifying the ships that must pass through the lock and regulating the water level. Every day about 90 ships pass through the lock. With living by a lock and weir also comes the risk that his house will be hemmed in by water at high tide. "I just love that. We always have enough food in the house for at least two weeks."

What is your favorite place in the Maasheggen?

"From the lock watch tower, of course, you have a wonderful view of the water and everything that lives on and next to it. Recently we also spotted a cheeky beaver. It climbed right out of the water, dried itself in the sun, let everyone look at it and then ate its fill in the sugar beet field. That is quite special. When we go hiking we usually walk from here to the mountain in Vortum and back again. We have made many memories in this area. When it was high tide in 1993, we went canoeing to explore and saw a willow with a beautiful trunk that seemed to be dying. However, the willow survived and every time we see the tree now we think back to then."

What could be better in the area?

"I understand that it's really not easy, but I would like to see even more fanatical plot exchange in the area, so that we quickly return to the small meadows, separated by hedges. Back to the way it was originally".

Always wanted to know how the lock and weir complex in Sambeek works? Then watch this video.

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