Welcome to the Maasheggen
Maasheggen, the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands

Hear the stories!

In and about The Maasheggen there are wonderful stories to tell. About the Romans who were passing through. About the 'Duvelsklökske'. And about the animals that live there. Get on your bike and discover the special history of the area.
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See the splendor!

In spring and summer, Maasheggen is at its most beautiful. When the hedges bloom, the grass smells wonderful and you can watch the sun rise and set. Put on your walking shoes or ride your bike through the area.

Taste the area!

The Maasheggen produces delicious products made with ingredients from The Maasheggen. From beer and gin to tea and jam to syrup. When you visit, don't forget to taste these products from De Maasheggen.

Welcome to the Maasheggen

The Maasheggen are the oldest cultural landscape in the country. There is no area in Europe where nature, landscape, economy and culture are so visibly and long-term intertwined. Not for nothing has De Maasheggen had the status of UNESCO Man & Biosphere since the summer of 2018, as the only area in the Netherlands.

Spring in the Maasheggen

Spring has come, winter is over.
The sun is shining nicely, nice cycling weather for me.
I cycle along the Maasheggen, the dog runs with me.
So I pedal quietly. No need to rush, no.

We hear birds whistling among the young leaves.
They must be looking for a mate; I've had that time.
The hares and rabbits in the tender spring grass
play "leapfrog" there and are very happy.

Many buds are already opening on trees, shrubs and plants.
That makes for an explosion of color and fragrance in 't land.
Would you also like to experience, what nature offers us?
Come to the Maasheggen, where you will see spring

Karin Wildenberg,
poet from the Land van Cuijk

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