Hedge Landscape

What immediately stands out in The Maasheggen: you won't encounter barbed wire in many places but hawthorn hedges and blackthorn. They form the natural fence between meadows.

The technique of turning shrubs into an impenetrable fence has barely changed over the past few centuries. The hedges are woven by farmers in a special way. The hawthorn and blackthorn bushes intertwine, creating an impenetrable, "living" fence. Together with the spines on the branches, they then not only form an ironclad boundary for livestock, but also provide protection from unwanted intruders such as predators. In addition, the hedges are so sturdy that they remain standing during high water and retain fertile river clay. The hedges also provide shelter from rain, wind and sun. As a result, the grass grows harder and cattle can stay outside for a month longer. So better, and much more versatile than barbed wire!

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