The Maasheggen area brings together everything that makes this region so special

Erik Jansen

"The Maasheggen area brings together everything that makes this region so special."

Erik Jansen (54) from Cuijk, tourism manager at Regional Office for Tourism Land van Cuijk

What does the Maasheggen area mean to you?
"I bike relatively a lot in the area. It is a very accessible, quiet and unique area, with beautiful nature. It is orderly, not too big and the infrastructure is fine."

The Land van Cuijk is distinguished by nine special travel destinations that make it worthwhile for tourists to spend several days in the region. The Maasheggen is one of those destinations. "It is one of our top destinations. The area brings together everything that makes this region so special: special nature, unique history, its location on the water and its numerous religious sites, such as the oldest inhabited monastery in the Netherlands in Sint Agatha. The area's religious heritage offers opportunities to revitalize pilgrimages. There are wonderful routes to be devised through East Brabant. Also through the Maasheggen," says Erik.

What do you find the most beautiful spot in the Maasheggen?
When I go into the area by bike, I especially like the area around the Veerhuis, with a nice view of the river Maas. As a hiker, I often use the Cultural Historical Monument as a starting point.

What could be improved?
"The area still lacks a clear gateway. A place where you can start your walking or biking route and park your car. I also see opportunities to put the Maasheggengebied more on the map with regional products. The area naturally lends itself perfectly to products made with ingredients from the area. We are already working on a number of regional products, but there are still plenty of opportunities. That way we can make Maasheggen even more interesting. I also see opportunities to broaden the target groups. For example, it is now mainly people over 45 who use the area. Let's start thinking together about how we can also make it more interesting for younger target groups, including families with children. While preserving natural values and history, of course!"

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