Fable Route

A 15-kilometer bicycle route through De Maasheggen

At one time the Romans passed through the Meuse hedgerow landscape. A famous Roman of that time was Phaedrus, a renowned poet. He wrote fables; stories in which animals are depicted as people and always with a wise lesson.
He also adapted the fables of the Greek poet Aesopus. During their march through the Maasheggen, Roman legionaries passed the fables to each other. Perhaps when they saw the fleeing animals among the hawthorn hedges they thought they were seeing the main characters from the fables of their famous compatriot.

Do you see them, too?

Meet these adventurous animals and their adventures in the Maasheggengebied during a 15-kilometer bicycle tour. Along the way, stop at one of the route posts and read or listen to the contemporary fables attributed to The Maasheggen by writer Geurt Franzen from Boxmeer. He also narrated the fables. With music by fellow villager Bart-Jan Baartmans.

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