'Pure products, with a touch of Maasheggen'

Tastemakers Erik and Suuz Willems

In the fertile Maasheggen, where man and nature have worked together for centuries, Erik and Suuz Willems live, work and live. They are committed to preserving this special environment. Together they run campsite De Brembroeken and sell a wide range of meat, from hamburgers to soup meat and from stew to minced meat. The burgers will be presented for the first time during the NK Maasheggenvlechten 2024. The meat products are available at the campsite in Vortum Mullem.

The concept of Maasheggenvlees goes beyond purely a product. It is about sustainability and knowing what you are eating. Looking to the future, they aim to offer long-life meat products, such as a nice dry sausage, in addition to fresh meat. The sausage would be a nice addition, in place of the burgers, to the existing assortment of the Taste of Maasheggen, which is also for sale at De Brembroeken. They are also constantly innovating with new ideas, such as keeping some pigs for the meat.

Suuz: "What we like about the Taste of Maasheggen is the quality. The difference with supermarket products is obvious. With us there really is literally taste, because everyone uses pure products, it is prepared according to traditional methods and of course with a touch of Maasheggen.
The same goes for our meat. We work with MRIJ cows, from the regions along the Meuse, Rhine and IJssel rivers. It is an old Dutch breed of cattle that has long been grazing in De Maasheggen. The meat from these cows is known for its excellent quality and that is why we have chosen these cows. This allows us to preserve the authentic flavors of the region. The positive reactions are pouring in from satisfied customers who even share photos of their creations. That's so nice, we suddenly get a picture of a burger sandwich or of a nice cup of soup. That's super fun, isn't it!"

Erik adds, "We also cook at the campsite a few times a week. Often guests take extra meat home with them when they leave. That's the biggest compliment we can get, of course. But for us it goes beyond just the meat; it's a story of connection and community. By organizing various activities and collaborating with local initiatives such as Slabox and Discover Vierlingsbeek and Overloon, we try to contribute to the flourishing of the entire region."

Love for the Maasheggen
Erik is already the fourth generation to grow up at De Brembroeken, adjacent to De Maasheggen. Although some would expect that after so many years the love for the area would be diluted, nothing could be further from the truth. For example, they organize workshops in Maasheggenvlechten and the Maasheggenmarkt. Erik and Suuz continue to propagate the pride of De Maasheggen with every piece of meat they present and every story they share. Their commitment to cooperation and connection is felt not only in their products, but also in the warm community they help create in this beautiful piece of Dutch nature.

Want to know more? Visit www.brembroeken.nl.

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