Duvelsklökske of Sambeek

Bike route of 18 kilometers through The Maasheggen

As you drive down the dike from the weir and lock complex in Sambeek, you can see it in the distance: the St. John's Tower of Sambeek. It towers high above the Maasheggen landscape. Not for nothing do the Sambeks call the sturdy medieval tower "knoeper. Once upon a time, during a Christmas night, a devil danced around the spire. Get on your bike and join the search for a bell that disappeared. Prick up your ears, you might hear it ringing somewhere....

In Brabant, legends and legends live on. Bicycle and walking routes lead you along the most impressive places where the stories come to life. The Duvelsklökske bicycle route is an 18 kilometer route through the Maasheggen landscape, between Sambeek and Vierlingsbeek.

Download the bike route from the link below.

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