Maasheggen Gin: tribute to the region

Flavorist Sander Graat

In Boxmeer, the home of Sander Graat úw topSlijter, a special product has emerged: Maasheggen Gin. This unique gin takes you on a tasteful journey through the rich history and beautiful nature of the Maasheggen. With its characteristic blend of herbs and berries, Maasheggen Gin pays homage to the region and provides an unforgettable drinking experience.

The origins of gin go back to our own Dutch gin, but it is the English who distilled it into something special. They added spices to enrich the flavor and called it gin. Many gins are known for their balanced herbal profile - and Maasheggen Gin is no exception.

Sander: "When the guys at YourGin from Nijmegen approached me with the idea of making my own gin, my imagination started bubbling. I wanted a gin with a Boxmeer touch and started asking around about local herbs and flowers. While I was still busy making contacts and brainstorming, Gerard Kusters of Gradoen came into the store. It was ultimately this meeting with Gerard that became the inspiration for my gin.'

As it turned out, Gerard uses Maasheggen herbs in his beer brews. Sander contacted Janneke of 'Herbs from the Maasheggen' and YourGin and the question arose whether it was possible to add more than just herbs. Janneke suggested using dried hawthorn berries, deliciously sweet in taste. The experts at YourGin got to work and added a touch of lemon juice to keep the gin fresh. This created a perfect match. The result? A pure gin that is delicious on its own. Almost a waste to mix with tonic. Should you still want to, Sander recommends a neutral tonic to fully bring out the flavor of the gin.

New appreciation
Sander says, "I realized, while regularly walking through De Maasheggen with my dog, that I was unaware of the historical significance of this area. Creating Maasheggen Gin really impressed me with the history and natural environment. Therefore, it is not only a flavorful drink, but also a small ode to the region. Because The Maasheggen not only looks beautiful, it tastes delicious!

Discover the taste of the Maasheggen with a unique gin experience. Enjoy the rich history, the beautiful nature and the craftsmanship behind this special creation. Maasheggen Gin, a true delight for the senses.

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