'Artisanal fruit processing adds flavor'

Flavor maker Luuk Geurts

In the middle of Groeningen is located Groenings Hofke. A dedicated team of three works hard there to prepare the most tasty, pure products. On the premises of Groenings Hofke there is a production department, ample storage for glass bottles and jars and refrigerated areas for the fruit and other ingredients.

A sweet smell of blueberry sauce fills the air as a large quantity of berries is heated in a kettle. Owner Luuk explains: "This is as simple as it gets. Just blueberries, sugar, lemon and pectin to thicken it up a bit. A nice, organic product.'

Organic products
Het Groenings Hofke has origins as an organic farm, founded by Luuk's parents in the late 1970s and initially focused on cultivation. The land where the fruit once grew is still with the current company. Today, Groenings Hofke prepares a variety of organic and non-organic products for customers across the country. As long as it fits their way of working. The focus is on preserving the fruit's own flavor in the final product, with as few additives as possible. 'We are slowly but surely becoming more complete in terms of production line. For example, even the labels are pasted by machine and the bottles and jam jars are filled automatically. But we also still do manual work; for example, we add the sugar ourselves.'

Region Juice
Regional juice is a special product made with collected apples and pears from the Land van Cuijk. The unique character of the fruit is influenced by where and how it grows and its ripeness. That together creates a diversity of flavors. Luuk emphasizes that fruit grown on a smaller scale often has more flavor, similar to the fruit or vegetables you taste in faraway vacation resorts. The press pulp from production is used to feed the Groening cows.

Currently, Luuk, together with Erik and Suuz from camping the Brembroeken in Vortum-Mullem, is experimenting with adding elderberries from Maasheggen to the regional juice, among other things, in order to make the taste even more in keeping with the beautiful landscape.

The organic juices of Groenings Hofke are for sale in the store of De Korenbloem in Boxmeer. The regional juice is available at supermarket Plus in Vierlingsbeek and Overloon and at garden center Olieslagers in Boxmeer.

Discover the artisanal juice of Groenings Hofke prepared with love and craftsmanship.

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