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In the UNESCO area The Maasheggen lie, like a beautiful string of pearls, 11 villages. You can see which villages they are on the adjacent map.
The program team Maasheggen UNESCO wants to get village communities more involved in the development of the Maasheggengebied. We do this by listening to ideas, answering questions and developing plans together. The Maasheggen is the beautiful backyard of those 11 villages - and we should be proud of that!

This page is intended for the representatives of neighborhood and village councils in the Maasheggen area and provides an overview of activities, presentations and (answered) questions, among other things. If you have a suggestion or a request, feel free to contact us at

Questions and Answers

We regularly receive questions about what is happening in the Maasheg area. We also receive suggestions for changes and innovations.
In the attached document we have listed all the questions and suggestions we have received since the end of September, including our response. Sometimes a concrete answer can already be given, sometimes not yet. In the latter case, we also give the reasons why.

If you have new questions/ideas or comments on the answers in the attached document, please contact us at

Meeting Sept. 26, 2023

On September 26, 2023, a meeting was organized for village and neighborhood councils at De Kleppenburg in Oeffelt.

Plan Held to the Maasheggen

At the September 26, 2023 meeting, the Maasheggen UNESCO program team made a commitment to come up with proposals by the end of the year on how to increase the involvement of the inhabitants of the eleven Maasheggen villages in their environment.
Those proposals are contained in a plan entitled 'Gehegd aan de Maasheggen'. Read the plan here.


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