Roman road

In Roman times, there was a busy traffic route along the Meuse River. The road ran from Tongeren and Maastricht to Nijmegen. In Roman times, these were the most important cities in our regions. The road served for centuries.

To a large extent, the Roman road can still be reconstructed. For example, in some places the road surface has been found during excavations: near Cuijk there was even a stone bridge over the Meuse River that has been recorded by culverts to the nearest meter. Also, in some places the road can be followed over a greater distance due to differences in height in the landscape. Moreover, some of the existing roads still follow the alignment of the old road!

Bicycle route

The municipalities of Cuijk and Boxmeer have established a bicycle route along the Roman road. The route follows the bicycle junctions indicated by numbered signs. Where the Roman banners, information signs and Roman helmets are incorporated in the road surface, you are cycling on the Roman road. Where the route deviates from the Roman route, you will pass through the beautiful landscape of the Maasheggen.

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